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SCX Digital System Master/Slave Cable

Our shielded SCX Digital System Master/Slave Cable replaces the standard non-shielded cable as provided by SCX to connect your master and slave units together for racing more than three cars at a time. Our cable comes complete with shielded cable and shielded connectors on each end. And it's longer too! The absolute best cable you can get for your system.

Buy your track the cable it deserves.

Carrera D124/D132 USB Interface

Our D124/D132 USB interface is the economical solution for connecting a computer to your Carrera Digital track.  Our interface uses genuine FTDI chips for full compatibility with all versions of Windows OS (XP/Vista/7/8) and any RMS for D124/D132.

For connection to Control Unit (#30352), or Black Box/Lap Counter (#30342).  Stocked in three different lengths.

Contact us for custom lengths.

Works with any RMS that handles Carrera protocol, including:
PC Lap Counter (PCLC)
XLAP by Carrera
Bruce Yingling's FREE Alternative (HSSRMS)
and more...

Race-Link Original (all except those marked V2)
Carrera Race-Link Instruction Guide
FTDI Install File for Race-Link

Race-Link Version 2 (all with V2 label)
Carrera Race-Link Version 2 Instruction Guide
FTDI Install File for Race-Link V2