Digital Racing Solutions

One Step Ahead of the Competition

  • RamJet-X for SCX and Carrera Digital SystemsThe Digital racers best friend
  • Start Light for SCX Digital Systems and OthersReady, Set, Go!
  • Lane Gate for CarreraDon't reduce Lane Change crashes - eliminate them with Lane Gate for Carrera Digital Systems
  • Race-Link for CarreraUSB Track to PC Interface
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Digital Slot Car Controllers for Carrera and SCX Digital

At Digital Racing Solutions our goal is to enhance your digital slot car racing experience by providing high-quality, after-market accessories. Our RamJet-X controllers designed for both Carrera and SCX digital systems have drawn rave reviews from racers both here and abroad. Built in the US with the very best parts we could find, you'll find the fit, finish and performance second to none. Add in adjustable trigger tension, and optional trigger and cable lengths and the RamJet-X is a superior bargain.

But we're more than just digital slot car controllers.

Try our Carrera D124/D132 USB Interface - great for connecting your Carrera Digital system to a PC. Or our new Lane Gate which eliminates crashes at Lane Changers.

Our Start Light is the perfect accessory to take your SCX Digital System to the next level. Control power, run timed races, includes track call feature and works seamlessly with PC Lap Counter!

Here's a video showing our Start Light with PC Lap Counter and the SCX Digital System.

Join the Digital Revolution!

Welcome to Digital Racing Solutions.  This all started many years ago when a friendship was developed over one of the least understood sporting endeavors - TSD Road Rally.  Monte from Portland and Mike from Seattle would meet frequently to do battle in the hills and valleys around the Pacific Northwest.  One would always have the good fortune of chiding the other after the event.  In those years respect was developed.

Some years later they both found they shared a love for all things slot car, expecially all things Digital slot car.  Monte was using SCX and Ninco Digital systems while Mike was using Scalextric and Carrera digital systems.

Between the two of them they felt a better controller could be developed. And that led to the development of the RamJet-X, a fantastic upgrade over the stock digital slot car controllers.

With units for both SCX and Carrera slot car racers can now rely on their controllers to finish what they start and for Carrera racers, finally an escape from the thumb plunger!

There will be more.  We're just getting started.