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Start Light System

Complete Race Control for SCX Digital and others! Our start light was developed for SCX Digital Systems but will work with any slot car system. Allows for stand alone or computer control of the race. Run timed races with a 5-light countdown. Pause the race as needed. Re-start with a 5-light countdown. Power turns off at the race conclusion. Requires minor system modification to allow connection for power control.

Standard unit includes a power cable that connects inline with the SCX system, a power to track cable, and a remote trigger cable.

Deluxe unit includes the above plus a USB cable for connection to a computer for use with PC Lap Counter (Does not support RMS).

Start Light System

  • Timing display - race up to 99 minutes
  • Brightness display setting
  • Race Control - Start Light or PCLC
  • Multiple language support
  • Track Call - countdown to restart
  • Track Power OFF at race conclusion
Start Light Guide

FTDI Install File for Start Light

Simple Start Board

Control the power at the start, end, and even in between with our Simple Start Board. Our Simple Start Board allows you to easily interface your Slot Car Track power system to a PC for complete computerized control. Perfect for the Do-It-Youself crowd. Our board is engineered to overcome lower-powered parallel ports common to many computers.

Requires a 12V power supply - not included.



What's better than a BIG RED BUTTON? Our Big Red Button is the perfect choice for operating your Start Light remotely. Mounts in a 1" diameter hole. Amaze your friends, confound your opponents.


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